Poetry and painting

I was reminded of this Kathleen Jamie poem by a good friend recently – it comes from Jamie’s anthology ‘The Tree House’. I thought I would share it:


There’s not much I can add to this – it sums up so much about what nature means to me.

Kathleen Jamie is a favourite author of mine, I first discovered her through her book of essays Findings and from there began to read her poetry too. Recently she has been collaborating with artist Brigid Collins and has written an insightful essay about the process of artist and writer working together for Granta, well worth a look.

On a recent trip home I enjoyed having a look through a book about the artist Norman Adams written by Nicholas Usherwood. Adams’ watercolours made in Scotland and northern England are incredible in their use of form and colour. You can see lots on the website: http://www.normanadamsra.co.uk/ and it was on this site that I was excited to discover this beautiful image of what must be the Bass Rock entitled ‘A Great Rock at Evening’.

Norman Adams A Great Rock at Evening watercolour 1962

Inspiring stuff!

And finally, I couldn’t finish without some insight into what I’ve been doing – a lot of sketchbook work it turns out. On some recent drawing trips the birds have been a bit elusive which has forced me to spend more time looking at their environment, in particular different forms of plants and trees. I have really enjoyed making long format drawings like the one below and I am looking forward to developing them over the next few months.

at the weir, sketchbook page

In fact here is a drawing from one of these sketches in development for a new screen print – watch this space!

goldfinches and wren drawing

I also spent some time at Edinburgh Printmakers Workshop recently making this Wood Pigeon monotype which I shall leave you with…

wood pigeon monotype


About flyingcreature

I'm a Cumbrian born painter and printmaker based in Scotland. My work is inspired by British nature. I studied on the Foundation Course at Leith School of Art in 2003 before going on to take the MA Fine Art degree at Edinburgh College of Art and Edinburgh University graduating in 2008. I now make my work from my studio in Coburg House and teach drawing, painting and printmaking at Leith School of Art and around Scotland.
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