The Space Between

Seabirds, seacliffs, sea webSeabirds/Seacliffs/Sea, mixed media on paper, 56 x 76 cm
The Space Between – an exhibition of new work by Kittie Jones

I wanted to say these things and to record what I have seen to remind ourselves that – in our haste – in this century – we may not give time to pause and look – and may pass on our way unheeding.’ Mary Newcomb

The Space Between refers to the liminal spaces where human life diminishes and the natural world comes into its own. The coast is often where you find these edgelands – steep cliffs and unpredictable seas mean human development is held back and the natural world can fully occupy a location.

redshanks smallRedshanks, screen print, 28 x 38 cm

There has been a lot of focus recently on the impact humans are having on our planet. I am witness to this as I sit and draw. I regularly see nests made out of plastic and dead birds strangled or starved due to getting caught up in some form of discarded human waste. My work seeks to draw attention to the wonders of the natural world, in order to encourage people to consider how and why we should protect it.

feeding curlew monotype smallFeeding Curlew, monotype, 60 x 42 cm

Part of my drive is to document and celebrate the overlooked – much of my time in the landscape is spent looking out from spaces that are tucked away, out of sight of most human activity. I seek places where I can view the dynamic natural environment without being noticed.

snipe and lapwing smallSnipe and lapwing, mixed media on paper, 24 x 37 cm

On drawing trips I will settle in a promising spot and start to develop work from there. The energy in the drawings comes from the constantly changing elements of the natural world – birds moving in and out of vision and the shifting quality of weather and light. My attempts to capture the change are what interests me, as well as my enchantment with a world which, as a human, I will only ever occupy the edge of.

1 Kittie working on the Shiant Islands, photo credit Chris LeakeyKittie, working on the Shiant Islands, May 2017

I have been lucky enough to visit a number of locations to draw over the last couple of years including the Shiant Islands, the Shetland Islands, the Isle of May and the Bass Rock. I am also very inspired by my local Lothian coastline where in amongst the towns and villages there is a rich and diverse natural ecology.

kingfisher smallCoastal kingfisher, screen print, 34 x 61 cm

‘I believe in the sort of emotion that you get from what your eyes see.’ Joan Eardley



About flyingcreature

I'm a Cumbrian born painter and printmaker based in Scotland. My work is inspired by British nature. I studied on the Foundation Course at Leith School of Art in 2003 before going on to take the MA Fine Art degree at Edinburgh College of Art and Edinburgh University graduating in 2008. I now make my work from my studio in Coburg House and teach drawing, painting and printmaking at Leith School of Art and around Scotland.
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  1. These are all so lively!

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